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Refund and Returns Policy


Products eligible for return include aged product, concealed defects, defective product or mis-shipped products. Eligible Products may be returned to Supplier only if they meet one of the following circumstances:

  • Aged Product
    • A cannabis product or accessory which is shipped to a wholesale customer less than one (1) month before any “best before” or “expiry” date, or;
    • A dried flower, pre-roll, edible, or beverage cannabis product delivered to a wholesale customer on a date that is at least 12 months after the packaging date specified on the label.
  • Concealed Defect
    • A defect that cannot be discovered without opening the package of the retail selling unit.
  • Defective Product
    • A product having any of the following Visible or Concealed Defects:
      • Products that cannot be consumed due to a technical issue or packaging issue, or;
      • Products deemed not fit for use or consumption, for reasons including the presence of mould, fungus, or another foreign contaminant, or;
      • Products deemed not fit for sale, for reasons including labelling errors, missing labels & stamps, and product damages.
    • Mis-shipped Product
      • Any Cannabis Product or Cannabis Accessory delivered in error to a wholesale customer.

Except in the case of a breach of warranty, Product Recall, or Eligible Product qualifying for a product return, Retailer shall have no right of return for Products purchased from Supplier.

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