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Suppliers of Craft Gear

Our Story

Like many others, our story begins long before legalization was mainstream. At a time when passion drove one’s need to hone their craft and risk everything for their revered plant. 

Techniques and insights were shared between friends in hushed voices whenever they could secretly convene to show off what they’d grown. This was the training ground for some of the greatest minds in the industry. This dedication, passion, and unwillingness to accept mediocrity has driven our desire to set up shop and start Western Cartel Trading Co. 

Our Creed

We are deeply committed to the craft of cannabis cultivation. By drawing upon our combined 50 years of industry experience, we pledge to reestablish the prominence of small-batch, craft-grown cannabis in the market. This endeavor not only honors the rich narratives of our past, but also paves the way for a resilient community in the future.

Direct Delivery

The Platform

Drawing from our deep industry roots, we aim to forge a new future by reconnecting cannabis consumers to the high-quality craft flower they were accustomed to pre-legalization. We’ll do this by providing retailers with the freshest drops of BC’s finest craft cannabis products and offering free expedited delivery on all orders.

The Brands

Our extensive portfolio of brands exemplifies the breadth and depth of BC’s premier craft cannabis. These brands, selected from the best of the best in the region, embody the exceptional quality and unique flavour profiles that have made BC cannabis internationally renowned.

The Growers

Leveraging our industry roots and diverse network of legacy and indigenous growers, we bring top-tier products to market and spotlight the intricate craftsmanship and dedication that goes into each strain. These partnerships ensure our offerings are fresh and unique, embodying the best of BC cannabis.

The Gram

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