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Merchants of Dope


With a curation of craft offerings, our direct delivery platform connects stores with the brands and products of micros and smaller LPs across the province, cementing a return to the traditions of our past while bringing consumers the best gear in BC.

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These are our latest products, the freshest pre-rolls and cured nugs in the vault. We’ll keep things interesting with monthly rotations of cultivars and formats.

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If you’re a licensed retailer in BC, we invite you to join us in supporting the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship of BC micros and craft producers.

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The Big

The Big Picture

A Cartel can be a disruption, or a revolutionary force, used to reclaim a legacy.  We chose a word with a rich history and deep emotions to strike a common dialogue, regaining control of our legacy narrative by preserving the culture and returning to a time of unique genetics, exclusive drops and relationships built on mutual trust.

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